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Yellow Remains Constant, March,1996

Yellow Remains Constant, Art Annex, Albany, NY
Yellow Remains Constant, Art Annex, Albany, NY

Art Annex
Albany, NY

Yellow Remains Constant by Kris Lanzer

One day, an expression of the lovely color yellow found its way to a room. It landed on the wall, in the wall, and in front of the wall. Then the lights came on and created shadows. Air flow created movement. The yellow pompoms swayed and so did their shadows.

The idea behind this piece is about my sensory delight with the color yellow. It’s warm and fuzzy, it’s light, it glows, it’s spacious and atmospheric, ya can’t put your finger on it, but you can go through it like buttah, it’s melty, cheerful, playful, soft and responsive.

This year, this month of March, we celebrate its 25th birthday, and memory, as it existed for less than a week. Yellow Remains Constant, is the piece that established my leap into contemporary art’s genre of art installation. I made it in 1996 during a blizzard, at the Art Annex in Albany, NY.

Twenty-five years later, and all of them in NH, I remain inspired by the the warm fuzzy feeling of yellow. I continue to build installations with various materials in unexpected ways. The experiential nuances naturally encourage the person, to respond with discovery, curiosity, spark, playfulness, imagination, desire to touch, inner dialogue, sense of connection, meaning, and well being.

Happy Birthday Yellow Remains Constant!

I feel your warmth and spirit continues to remain constant
as you recently appeared as the yellow coat
worn by inspiring young poet Amanda Gorman.