My first documented art installation is called "Yellow Remains Constant". I built at the Art Annex in Albany NY. In hindsight, the schedule for "Yellow Remains Constant" a warm and fuzzy installation, was timely as the 1996 blizzard landed and shut down the northeast.

Installation Art is a playful yet demanding art form to wrestle with. It is also incredibly difficult to capture with a photograph, and even harder to describe with words. I do favor its flexibility to adapt for each project's conceptual needs.

Installations are site-specific and time-sensitive. I have the option to build installations in stable interior environments or outside in the elements. The scale varies, the weather varies, and the process to transform the space and material also varies for every project.

It is elusive. I like that Installation Art is experiential and not consumable. It is a verb to experience not a noun to possess. I value and respect each unique relationship it shares with its viewers.

Unlike object focused two-dimensional painting on a wall to see, or a three-dimensional sculpture to walk around, installation art is experiential and multi-dimensional. It presents a unique interaction in the context of real time and space. Viewers experience this sensorily, mindfully, and phenomenologically. The action of moving through space in time is creating a unique body memory. Installation Art lends opportunity to imagine, to wonder, to discover connections, and to inspire personal meaning for the viewer. A viewer's response to the experience is as unique as the art itself.

Themes of nature and physics, spirit and poetry, playfulness and imagination inform my expression through Installation Art. I am indebted to this art form. I have generated Installation Art for twenty five years. It remains inexhaustible. My gift as a creative person is to share the spark.