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Kristen Anderson Lanzer, American, born in Rhode Island, 1963.

"Making art in response to the overlap of art, life, and nature!" KL

Artist Kris Lanzer lives with her partner Andy, in Dover NH. She refers to the 1/4 acre around their old farmhouse as the “garden of sustenance” and it has its own blog. It is an urban-art-garden-environment on a busy street. Together, the Lanzers have welcomed and witnessed almost thirty cycles of seasons at this modest sanctuary. The subtle nuances that express the process of growth, relationship, abundance, harvest, decay, death, and transformation inform her of nature’s cycles, patterns, and impermanence. She identifies with conceptual and process art. Her work is inquiry and discovery. Lanzer's visual work often expresses itself in various forms ranging from drawing to installation, from sculpture to collage, to photo-documentation. The art changes scale from postcard size in hand to ninety feet along a road, or thirty feet up high in a tree. Lanzer enjoys playing with found or re-purposed materials. They add another layer of creative discovery and meaning in her projects.

Plans for 2018:
June- "Visualizing the Theatre of Love", a collaborative outdoor project in midcoast ME.
Ap/May- "Responding to Changes in Landscape", garden of sustenance, Dover, NH.
March- Exhibiting in "ArtPM" at Buoy Gallery, Kittery, ME.
March- Participating in artist Phoenix Mayet's project "The Face of Feminism Now" at The Art Center, Dover, NH.
March- Exhibiting drawings for "*Shift Register;" curated by artist Shaina Gates at FOUNDATION ArtSpace in Exeter, NH.
Jan/Feb- Consulting with and Installing Gateway's Taiji, Qigong, & Yoga Prayer Flag community project: Seacoast Prayer Flag Walk for Peace and Gateway Prayer Flag Ceremonial Burning, Portsmouth , NH.

Recent Projects:
2017 Opening the Archives Project: 2-D retrospective of drawings, collages, and photographs. Studio#577 Salmon Falls Mill, Rollinsford, NH.
2017 Participating in artist Lynn Hassan's project "When the world was Flat: Journeys Then and Now", Long Island University Humanities Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
2017 Repurposing Rooms Project: "Renew, Revive, Re-inhabit", at home in Dover, NH.
2017 Participating as Guest Artist for HOW-TO Festival, transforming flat cardboard into sculpture, at Portsmouth Public Library, Portsmouth NH.
2017 Exhibiting an installation from my “dream-journals-review-release-project” in a ginkgo tree at Bedrock Gardens, Lee NH USA for International Sculpture Day. April 23 and through May 7.
2017 Exhibiting a sculpture, from my “dream-journals-review-release-project” called “Letters From Morpheus” for the Dream-A-Book exhibition at BookWorks in Asheville, NC.
2017 Exploring the period of ambiguity that occurs after a project, a holiday, a death, or travel.
2017 Developing new metal sculptures, amending the soil, and re-establishing paths at the “Garden of Sustenance”, Dover NH.

Former Projects:
2016 Developed and exhibited installation called “Passage”, a cardboard tunnel based on a double spiral path, leading into and out of darkness. November Open Studios, Salmon Falls Mill, Rollinsford, NH.
2016 Created the "cardboard24" project: wondering what would happen in a space (studio) when combining time (twenty-four hours) plus material (cardboard) plus energy (artist). Salmon Falls Mill, Rollinsford, NH.
2016 Made zines with artist Beth Wittenberg at Wrong Brain, Dover, NH.
2015 Erected a tall spinning metal vent sculpture in a corner open to westerly winds, marking the thanatopsis at "Garden of Sustenance”, Dover, NH.
2014 Introduced the process art oriented "Pulp Project" with focus on sorting, shredding, and making pulp forms out of own sketchbooks and journals. Salmon Falls Mill, Rollinsford, NH.
2012 Constructed metal "Arch" made of recycled cans, rebar, and pipe, at "Garden of Sustenance”, Dover NH.
2008 Carried out two elemental ephemeral events: "Burn" with paper, metal, and fire, at "Garden of Sustenance”, Dover NH, and "Blue Spiral" with blue plastic bags, water, and sand, York Beach ME.
2007 Received scholarship for residency at Vermont Studio Center and created “Flow”, an installation complete with performance, uniting visuals, voice, and poetry. Johnson VT.
2006 Commenced the living project "Garden of Sustenance", a permaculture art garden environment, that continues to develop on the quarter acre around home in Dover, NH. The first sculpture project “Considering the Space In-Between Road and Garden” appeared. It is a metal fence, ninety feet in length and made of recycled metal circles wired together.

1963 moved to central Maine, attended public schools, and summered at many camps in the Belgrade Lakes region through the 1980's. 1986 Earned BFA/painting at University of New Hampshire, Durham which included study in Sweden with Scandinavian Seminar from 1983-84. Married college sweetheart Andy Lanzer in 1987 and then moved to seacoast New Hampshire. From 1987-1994, taught community art workshops, exhibited paintings in local galleries, maintained a studio at the Button Factory, and worked at Ceres Bakery in Portsmouth.
1994-96 attended grad school, earned MFA/sculpture from State University New York, Albany. 1995 made first large temporary work called "Yellow Remains Constant" using wall, light, shadow, air currents, and the color yellow. Also, in 1995, received full scholarship and assisted Chicago based artist Michiko Itatani at Haystack Mountain School for Arts and Crafts in Maine. Set intention to exhibit some day in New York City. In 2000, was guest artist exhibiting sculpture in a one-person show at 55 Mercer Gallery, SoHo, New York. Worked in studio at Washington Street Mill, in Dover, NH. Also taught art in many settings during these years: sculpture at New Hampshire Institute of Art, elementary art classes for Brixham Montessori School in Maine and for Dover Public Schools in New Hampshire. Was selected as Resident Artist in several Art All-State programs at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, and the Currier Museum in New Hampshire. Moved studio to newly renovated Salmon Falls Mills in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. From 2002-2007, exhibited with alternative art venues, edwin booth theatre productions, and local happenings. Made large installations regularly at artstream gallery in Rochester, New Hampshire. First outdoor installation appeared at Barn Gallery in Ogunquit, Maine in 2006, uniting architecture, nature, and art.